Amazing makeup tips when wearing a blue dress

There are several ideas that you can implement to make your features pop and explore class through makeup and dress. The right makeup complements the color of the dress with the color of your eye, skin and lips.

Who said you cannot get the makeup to go with blue dress right? Go ahead and create your personalized makeup for a blue dress based on the following ideas.

  1. blue dressBase makeup:

With cooler shades of blue, you can pair up with warm colours like deep red or orange. This will create a warm realistic look on you. Start using a standard stick and cover up all your zits, dark spots and dark circles. Use a foundation of a darker shade. Finally, scale the bass with a mineral powder.

  1. Cheek touch-up:

Cheeks should not be the focus of your look. Blue is generally a cool colour, so for a blue dress, a warm blush would look great. Use a large, round brush, blend it with the skin in a circular motion. Try out bronzer with a blue dress; it would give an amazing look for fair skin.

  1. Eye make-up:

The eye should speak out volumes with an alluring blue-based dress. Show more importance for the eyeshadow for blue dress. Classic eye makeup for a blue dress would work up like magic. Try to add green or blue shades in your eye, if you are wearing a cool blue dress. It will give you an amazing look. Apply light coloured eye paint on the entire eyelid.

  1. Lips:

For a dramatic eye look, a nude lip colour would be perfect. Scrub upper and lower lips and apply lip balm, then line the lips with a nude lip liner. Cover the lip with a peach, pink or any other nude shades lipstick. Warm pink or coral is also good for pairing with a blue dress. For a shiny, kissable look, add a clear layer of lip gloss.

Final touches:

Shades of blue, browns and plums are the best makeup ideas for blue dress. Finish it with a light dusting of mineral powder all over the face to set makeup. This will keep you fresh for long and create a lovely look. Attract people with your stunning looks by considering these tips. Follow these simple blue dress makeup tips, to be a stunner at your most awaited party.